Social Media   Management, Strategy  & Coaching 

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Creative Social Media Agency Bournemouth

Helping you to flourish through your socials with bespoke social media services that take away the pressures of social marketing away, so you can focus on your art.

 Social Media Services 

Social media isn't a luxury, it's a necessity and I recognise that this puts a hell of a lotta' weight on your shoulders. So let me take the pressure off with these social media services!

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 Social Media Management

Having someone to manage your social media will free up time so that you can flourish in other aspects of your business. Aloha will take care of your socials!

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Platform Auditing, Social Media Coaching & Strategy

Carefully curated, flexible coaching and strategy sessions with you in mind, with support from your pocket social media manager!


Content Marketing

Save time and outsource your content creation! Explore my content marketing services from blogs to content designing and video creation - set sail with Aloha!


Have you sailed the seven seas and still not sure which type of social media support you need?


Aloha clients are flourishing!

"Yasmin is a game-changer for social media; she really knows what she's talking about, and sessions with her are like hanging out with a friend! She helped me create a plan and routine with social media that I could actually stick to, and gave me some amazing tips and tools to make it easier. She's also helped increase my confidence and conviction in my offerings tenfold! Can't speak highly enough of Yasmin if you need social media coaching - such a great investment."
~ Katherine Howe, Wedding Industry VA