• Yasmin @ Aloha Social

Adapting to Coronavirus As a Business Owners

With the decline in our economy (even prior to this outbreak) it was clear that something had to change. We took, took, took from our planet for so long that it was merely a matter of time before we would have to go back to basics and reevaluate the way we shop, earn money and generally live our lives. This outbreak has simply sped this reevaluation up and woke us up to the delicate economy we have built. We will perhaps have to not only review our work life, but our general way of living too - back to basics, becoming more self-sufficient closely to the way our ancestors adapted to climate change, food shortage etc - who knows! Not a bad shout though right?

The questions are: “What now? What next? When? How?”

We won’t have all the answers just yet but what has been astonishing is our ability to adapt, work to solve this problem and as a majority, come together to support one another. Some of us await our leaders to suggest what we do, some use their own initiative where possible and others do both to get through a crisis. Which applies to you?


As a freelance Social Media Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist among a world of others working for themselves, I am extremely concerned about the next stage: people and work isolation.

What I am doing to sustain productivity and maintain a sense of a normal working life is utilise this time to research, enhance and adapt my business. Here are 8-steps I wanted to share with you in preparation for National isolation:

  • Prepare for a work-from-home routine and schedule to keep yourself productive and proactive to maintain a healthy mental state. E.g. set a home-exercise slot, map out your work-from-home schedule, family catch ups, break and leisure times within normal working hours.

  • Conduct an audit on some or every aspect of your business such as catch up on accounts, review your business model, edit your website or business documents so that you are ready for changes to come and carry on some sense of a normal working life.

  • Re-acquaint yourself with your business / service / line of work online by reading articles, educational journals and fact-finding to readily enhance what you do and open your mind to new prospects. Write down your findings and learnings to keep your hands busy and so knowledge sinks in!

  • Catch up on emails! Most of us will put off checking emails but now is the time to read and respond to those unread emails.

  • Housekeeping’ - not just the home kind, but the business kind! Conduct review on your departments and catch up on any to-do’s to feel a little lighter and more productive.

  • Get back in touch with your local Community. You’re going to need them now, throughout and when the crisis is over.

  • Exercise and stay or get fit! I mentioned this at the start as part of your ‘work-from-home routine’ and think it is so important to use this time to get or stay fit and healthy. Look after your body with an array of apps, online classes and of course, YouTube all available at our fingertips in our own home!


It’s all about maintaining balance when working from home: some of the above may be stating the obvious but with so much information everywhere, I am hoping this reaches you and that you are able to find some solstice in this world right now.

Final note: we are problem solvers and are extremely adaptable like our ancestors. We will overcome this, it will be a matter of change and perhaps going back to basics when this is all over. For example: growing our own crops, minimalism mindsets and starting new ventures when this is over. Nonetheless, we are in this together so reach out if you need assistance or even someone to talk to during this tough time.

Warmest wishes,

Yasmin @ Aloha

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