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Aloha & Friends: Lorien Holiday, Wellness Coach & Life Strategist

On my voyage I came across this inspiring Wellness Coach & Life Strategist who is simply down to earth, approachable and accessible via his quick-tips on Instagram, his regular breath work sessions and of course, his 1:1 coaching. I knew I had to interview Lorien, so we set sail and here's how the conversation went...

Hi Lorien, tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do!

I am having the absolute best mid life crisis...having engineered my escape from nearly two decades in financial services I am passionate in finding ways to help people with the emotional and physical challenges in life.

I have spent the last 5 years pulling the most effective tools from as many different disciplines as I have come across, into a simple but effective strategy to help people achieve the results they want to in life, be it emotionally or physically. The tools and processes I share are always simple and as practical as possible so they have the best chance of fitting in with your life.

My favourite tool combinations right now are breath work, mindfulness and physical activity. This is an absolute wonder of a combination for making your life feel more manageable no matter what you might be facing and all three components can be done in 30 minutes per day - so it fits even the most time scare lifestyles!

Dare I say it, but with life 'returning to normal' after over a year in lockdown, what advice would you give to those able to go out, and what advice would you give to those who aren't able to get out just yet?

Surprisingly, the advice is probably the same no matter which side of this you are currently on. Simply try to be kind to yourself and to others. It's an undeniably weird time and we are all dealing with it in the best way we know how. Some people are desperate to return to “normal” while others are terrified.

It might sound overly simplistic, but seeking commonality with others before differences, and pausing before making judgment will make your life feel better and is likely to notably improve relationships with others.

Fantastic advice for all sides of the pandemic-fence, and so what do you think people need most in regards to health and wellness right now?

Self compassion: there is so much judgement and lecturing of what we should and shouldn’t be doing and I think this approach does at least as much harm as it does good. People aren’t stupid, they know they should probably be exercising more, eating less junk food, less alcohol, etc. If it was all a matter of simple education we would all be crushing it, but we aren’t so what gives?

I think it is compassion, and self compassion in particular. We are emotionally beaten, cajoled or exhausted by the constant barrage of everything and we become a little numb as a result. If we don’t nurture our self compassion we find it harder to take care of ourselves and we find it harder to take care of others.

Mindfulness and meditation are some excellent tools to help you improve your sense of self compassion, while improving your compassion for others.

I feel so mindful already after hearing you say all that, and it is so true - I find it amazing how hard we are on ourselves (and sometimes others). Self compassion is certainly something we should practice more. Do you have anything else you would like to share?

Realise that you can change almost any aspect of yourself that you really want to. So many of us believe “it’s just the way I am...” and so don’t think they have any power to change. You absolutely do, and it’s often more simple than you think! It’s not always easy of course but if you want something enough and you have a strategy to get there, you will achieve it. If you are feeling overwhelmed at any point, focus on breathing slowly: focus on the breath and slow it down. It will create some space in your mind.

Now, I want to know (and I am sure my readers will want to know too) how I can access your wellness and coaching workshops or offerings?

Guided Breath Work & Relaxation

Tuesday & Thursday evenings via the comfort of zoom. This is the deepest relaxation workshop coupled with developmental breath work for emotional and physical wellbeing.

To find out more and book, click here.


I offer 1:1 coaching to help you with the challenges you most want to face. You can book your free zero obligation, zero pressure consultation right here.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to voyage with me Lorien, we have landed back on shore so it's time for you to hop off. It's been great chatting with you about your business and the amazing insight you have to offer us all - particularly in a perhaps emotionally confusing time.

Aloha, goodbye for now!