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Aloha & Friends: PupRepublic, Dog Accessories & Supplements

As I sail around the seven virtual seas in search of business owners and listening intently to their stories, I came across this pawsome business called PupRepublic. Here's what went down between us as we drifted along the shoreline...

Ahoy, PupRepublic! What's the story behind your online business?

We are PupRepublic, a pair of sisters (Nicky and Caroline) based in Somerset and Dorset, who source and sell 'seriously good stuff for dogs'. Pawducts we sell online are: dog walking bags, compostable poo bags and supplements. Our brand 'ambassadogs' are of course our dogs,Tati, Petal and Milo who approve of all products we sell as well as being our guinea pigs to test the quality and practicality of each pawduct we sell.

The story behind PupRepublic and how it came about stems from our children growing up. Like a number of people we know, once our human pups grew up and left the nest we needed something else to nurture, so we both took some pups on as our 'furbabies' and somehow, that turned into having a dog-based business as well. We saw some gaps in the 'barket' and took on the challenge of filling those gaps ourselves with some products we personally would love, and love to see on the market for dog owners to use on a daily basis. And so, PupRepublic was born!

The inspiration behind our products came from our very own furbabies. Tati, the chocolate cockapoo, Petal the apricot 'poo and Milo the 'almost-poodle' might be 6, 8 and 10 but they will always be our pups and product testers. Petal thinks she'd rather road test dog treats made of fillet steak, but frankly her business case is a little shaky...

Your story sounds so relatable and inspiring; it just shows you that sometimes the best business ideas are quite literally in front of you...sometimes in the form of a fluffy-companion! I imagine it's not always been smooth-sailing, so what challenges have you faced along the way and how have those challenges helped you moving forwards?

The heaven and the hell of working with Amazon has to be the ultimate challenge we have faced since and throughout our business. They provide the huge and fabulous marketplace to get going, but, well, there's a reason Mr Bezos is the richest man in the universe...this is why we are working hard on and focusing on increasing traffic to our own website and build up our following & online visibility through social marketing (taken care of by Aloha Social) as crucial tools that help with our business' vision.

I hear you, many product-based businesses I am sure can relate to your experience with Amazon. But it's also great that you're focusing on social marketing and website as core marketing components to help drive your vision for the business. With everything you have journeyed through, what advice would you give to those looking to startup a product based business?

Start simple, tweak over time and never lose sight of quality products from quality suppliers so you can stand by what you sell. It is also vital to build relationships with suppliers as they will be one of your closest allies (and more importantly the ones that hold your products) throughout your business - it's important to get to know them, how they work, the people behind the supplier as well as building a strong connection with them. This is also something that audiences love to know as consumers become more aware of how products are sourced, where they are sourced from, the relationship between business & the supplier as well as how sustainably sourced it is.

That is really valuable advice, simplicity is key in all aspects of business, whether that's social marketing or choosing what product to sell (and how many). Is there anything else you would like to add for our readers?

Have fun with your business, but keep a business head on as well. Partner with good people that do their jobs better than you would do it yourself and watch your business grow consistently over time!

Thank you so much for sharing the story behind your wonderful PupRepublic business! Where can readers find your pawducts and shop away?

Thank you for sharing our story, we hope it has inspired some readers in their business journey! You can shop all our products at www.puprepublic.co.uk and feel free to join our 'pawparazzi' mailing list if you would like discounts, pupdates and more! You can sign up via the website.

Thank you for reading this Aloha & Friends feature, we hope you have taken away some great advice, tips and even, know where to buy your compostable poop bags, hands free dog leads and more.

Aloha, goodbye for now!