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Destination Debrief: Barbados

Your Travel Guide To Barbados

When Barbados pops into your head, images of powdery white beaches, crystal-clear waters, refreshing rum punches, and laid-back vibes instantly flood your mind. Trust me, that's exactly what happened to me, and let me tell you, Barbados went above and beyond all my hopes and dreams. Stay tuned as I spill all the details in this destination rundown. By the time you finish reading, you'll be booking your flight and eagerly packing your bags for this incredible island getaway!

Visit Barbados

When and Where

We decided to check out the West Coast of Barbados in April because we heard the waters were more peaceful there. I heard the East Coast was a bit wilder but equally stunning. Our main goal was to relax and float in the serene, sparkling water.

We had a fantastic time soaking up the sunshine, with the occasional sprinkle of rain here and there that didn't dampen our spirits at all (and definitely not like the constant downpours back home in the UK). It was a perfect time to visit Barbados and enjoy every moment of our trip.

Coconut Court Beach Hotel

We had no idea what to expect from hotels in Barbados as it was our first time, but I remember walking into the lobby of Coconut Court Beach Hotel after an easy 8-hour flight from London Heathrow and being blown away by the view through the reception window.

Swaying palm trees, a white sandy beach, a beautiful blue pool and a turquoise ocean were calling out to us! Just a 20-minute pleasant drive from Grantley Adams International Airport the airport, we arrived in the evening when the sun was gently setting on the horizon; we couldn’t wait to check in, dump our bags and go on our first walk along the beach to enjoy the sunset - we wasted no time!

This family-owned hotel had a unique feel. It didn’t feel like any old hotel, it had a warm feel and felt like a home-from-home. We felt so lucky as the beach on our hotel doorstep was absolutely stunning, and clean, with plenty of space, amazing views of the Caribbean Ocean, and, a little reef full of sea life! Perfect for aquatic spies like myself. Bring your snorkelling gear with you, it’s worth it for what you can see in just 1 metre of crystal clear ocean! It was a reefy paradise.

The evenings were themed so there was always something to enjoy and a different food menu if you wanted to eat in. We loved the karaoke night on Saturday evening at the beach bar!

We ate tasty breakfasts at the hotel before heading out on our daily adventures, and as breakfast folks, we couldn’t wait for it each morning. The service was always with a smile and we could feel the beautiful breeze flowing through Coco’s, the hotel’s in-house restaurant that overlooked the ocean we were about to dive into.

When booking a room, it’s worth booking the ocean view - it’s a little more expensive but worth it for the ocean views.

If you’re looking for a homely feel with all the facilities you need and an excellent location when you’re booking a Barbados adventure, then Coconut Court Beach Hotel is one for you. 


We absolutely adore being around water, so naturally, we made a beeline for the ocean every chance we got. We are avid snorkellers and always enjoy exploring the wonders of the sea wherever we go, which is why water tours were at the top of our list.

Our adventure began with a leisurely stroll along the bustling main road, taking us from Coconut Court Beach Hotel to the vibrant Carlisle Bay. We were delighted to discover charming food courts serving up delicious Bajan cuisine, and an abundance of boat tours just waiting to be explored!

Action Charters

We hopped on board an amazing 5-hour trip with Action Charters, shelling out £84 each, but let me tell you, it was worth every penny! The Bajan vibes were in full swing, thanks to the lively and fun guides who made sure our hands were never empty of rum punch.

The tour included ethical stops at shipwrecks in Carlisle Bay, where we were surrounded by an array of marine life, including the majestic sea turtles. Swimming with these wild creatures was a dream come true, as they curiously approached us, creating a magical moment that I was lucky enough to capture on my trusty GoPro.

After our turtle encounter, we made a pit stop at the iconic Sandy Lane, home to Rihanna's holiday mansion (although she wasn't there to greet us). We enjoyed a delicious lunch and another refreshing dip before sailing back home with a treasure trove of unforgettable memories.

Watch The Racehorses Having A Dip

Looking for a fun and unique experience that won't cost you a penny? How about watching the racehorses enjoy their morning swim in the ocean? It's truly a sight to behold. The caretakers bring them to the beach bright and early, giving them a few hours of water play and giving visitors a chance to admire these magnificent creatures.

Set your alarm for 6am and take a leisurely 15-20 minute stroll up the West coast to The Radisson Hotel. By 6.30am, you'll be treated to the amazing sight of the horses frolicking in the sea. Feel free to snap some photos, but we chose to respectfully observe from a distance.

Afterwards, grab a coffee and snack from the beach stand and enjoy a relaxing morning picnic on the sand. It's a wonderful way to start your day and appreciate the beauty of nature.


Barbados is famous for its incredible surfing opportunities, so we decided it was the perfect time to grab a board and embark on our very first surf adventure. We were recommended Ride The Tide, and Jay, the owner, was absolutely amazing!

We booked a group lesson for just 60 USD per person and headed to Drill Beach for our beginner's surf session. Jay was incredibly supportive and encouraging as we rode the waves, and we even managed to stand up a few times!

We felt right at home with Jay and Angelou, who made us feel so welcome. We can't wait to come back and surf with them again. If surfing is your passion, be sure to check out Ride The Tide during your visit to Barbados.

Harbour Lights Dinner and Show

We were so excited to try the famous Harbour Lights Dinner and Show and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! We arranged our visit through the hotel for £112 per person, which even included a taxi ride to and from the show. It was the perfect way to wrap up our trip. The show was so much fun, the buffet was delicious, and there were plenty of drinks to get you ready to hit the dance floor at the end of the night!

Food Spots

Honestly, we're not huge food enthusiasts, but we absolutely adore finding a beautiful spot to enjoy our meals. During our trip, we decided to take leisurely evening strolls along the southern coast from our hotel and stumbled upon some super cool tiki bars like Chill Bar & Grill. It was such a treat to eat and drink while gazing out at the sea!

We also had the pleasure of dining at a couple of charming local restaurants after a fun day under the sun. Mama Mia's served up some mouthwatering Italian dishes, while Jake's satisfied our cravings perfectly with a delicious steak.

Oh, and you must try the rum punches! They are absolutely divine, especially with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. It's like a little taste of Barbados in every sip.

We were pleasantly surprised to find that these spots were not only reasonably priced but also offered amazing value for the money. It felt great to support local hospitality businesses while enjoying such delicious meals.


Barbados is the ultimate destination for beach lovers and thrill-seekers alike! Each beach we explored on the West Coast had its own charm and activities to enjoy. Check out the list of beaches we checked out, absolutely worth a visit, and find out why:

Carlisle Bay

Have you heard about Carlisle Bay in the vibrant capital of Bridgetown? This beautiful beach has everything you need for a perfect day in the sun - from comfy sunbeds to delicious food courts and refreshing beach bars. And guess what? You might even spot some adorable sea turtles swimming in the crystal-clear waters! Make sure to book a boat tour for an up-close experience with these majestic creatures and explore shipwrecks while snorkelling. Trust me, you won't want to miss out on this unforgettable adventure. So grab your snorkels and get ready for a day filled with excitement and wonder - who knows, you might even see sea turtles right by the shore!

Miami Beach

We absolutely loved visiting this beach - it quickly became our go-to spot whenever we wanted some fun in the sun. Miami Beach in Barbados is a hidden gem, with its peaceful atmosphere, powdery white sands, and crystal-clear waters providing the ultimate relaxation. You can take your pick between a calm swimming area or a slightly more adventurous wave-filled section. I even had the thrill of spotting a sea turtle nearby, so be sure to bring along your snorkel gear just in case! 

The beach offers convenient amenities like outdoor showers and free restroom facilities. Getting there is a breeze - just hop on a 15-minute bus ride from Coconut Court Beach Hotel. Don't forget to grab a quick snack from the food stand or treat yourself to a delicious meal at the nearby Cafe Luna, a charming restaurant with unbeatable views and mouthwatering dishes at reasonable prices. It's a delightful experience that you won't want to miss!

Accra Beach

I absolutely love taking a leisurely stroll along The Richard Haynes Boardwalk! It's a fantastic 20-minute walk right next to the beautiful turquoise ocean, with palm trees swaying in the breeze. Along the way, you'll find plenty of great spots to stop for a drink or a bite to eat as you make your way down to Accra Beach. This beach, located in Christ Church, is perfect for swimming and relaxing in the shade. Don't forget to check out the Tiki Bar for some delicious light snacks. Trust me, you won't regret it!


Taking the local buses in Barbados is a fantastic and budget-friendly way to explore the island, whether you're a local or a tourist. Trust me, it's an adventure you won't forget! When we were waiting at the hotel bus stop, we were a bit confused at first. It turns out, those vans that keep beeping at you are actually the buses! They beep to see if you need a ride and stop when you give them the signal. Once you hop on, it's only 3.50 Bajan Dollars per person (about £1.30) to go anywhere the bus goes - what a steal!

The buses mainly stick to the main roads, so make sure to have a map or GPS handy to know when to get off. You'll have to let the driver know when it's time to stop. It can get a bit crowded, but you'll quickly get the hang of it. My tip is to walk whenever possible - it's a great way to really immerse yourself in the local culture and explore the charming towns of Barbados.


We brought along a mix of US dollars and Bajan currency, but either one is widely accepted on the island. It’s handy to have some local money on hand for easier transactions and figuring out costs. We also used an ASDA travel card for convenience, topping it up when needed, and kept a bit of cash for meals and drinks.

In A Coconut Shell...

Barbados was like stepping into a paradise! Our week there was pure magic, and we made sure to savour every moment. The Caribbean has definitely captured our hearts, and we’re already planning our next trip back!

A huge shoutout to Zoe and James from DialAFlight for their awesome planning and support during our journey. Their help made everything so smooth and stress-free.

I hope this little recap has given you some ideas for your own amazing adventure on this stunning island. Barbados has so much to offer, and we’re excited to explore even more on our next visit!

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