• Yasmin @ Aloha Social

Productivity Tips: How to Stay Consistently Creative

Aloha! Yasmin, here talking about stimulating that creative flow when it just ain’t flowing (and that's so frustrating!).

Well firstly, breathe, it’s ok to hit a creative wall. Sometimes, you have to just be ‘bored’ with emotional space to allow your brain to be creative - you might even just need physical space around you to enable some sort of gateway for ideas and creativity. Then once that gateway opens, creativity should slowly but surely start rippling through.

For a little boost though, here is something to try out that has really helped me stimulate my mind; someone who has to enter that zone on a daily basis as a Social Media Manager & Digital Marketer (gooooooosh)...


1. Finding Visual Aids

Firstly, try choosing up to three keywords (relative to what you and what you're working on) and search images based on the word(s) you have chosen into google, Pinterest, Unsplash, Pixabay or whichever platform works for you (try to avoid Facebook, Instagram or similar social platforms - this will cloud your mind and you'll feel distracted).


I'm designing a website for a client who has their own luxury travel company and they don't know how they would like their site to look. So, I'll search for 'luxury travel' on Pinterest and see what comes up....


2. Creating Objectives Using These Visual Aids

Then, choose an image that stands out to you and create a story, objective, project plan or even opinion based on what you see: think about how it makes you feel - it's good to delve into your subconscious from time to time and listen to what it says to you. Study the colour palette of that image - what colour schemes are they using? How do the colours make you feel? What does it/they remind you of?


I've found an image based on my keywords 'luxury travel' and it's a couple on a high end yacht smiling and sharing champagne on a turquoise blue ocean. It makes me feel like I want to travel, they are happy and comfortable, it tempts me to book a holiday. The colours are pastel blues and whites which scream luxury / sailing.


3. Jotting Ideas Down: The Ol' Fashioned Way

Don't just keep your thoughts in your head from Step 2! I highly recommend using a pen and paper where possible to jot down the ideas you have come up with from Step 2. These can be keywords or doodles based on what you see.

The aim is to connect your mind to your body, getting them to work together whilst embedding your ideas from your mind and onto paper.

So write down Step 1 & 2 in a notebook / notepad and bring it back to your project whether you are creating a brand for your business, setting up a shop and looking for inspiration on interior design, writing a song or just enjoy being creative - this is for you and I hope it helps you!

Sometimes even just using the research technique in step 1 can be enough to open up a box of ideas that make you feel enriched with creativity or you swimming through your project; but overall this exercise should stimulate your mind and some form of creativity.

Let us know how you got on champions 🏆🐳

Warm wishes,

Yasmin @ Aloha