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Improving your Social Marketing Using the Rule of Three

Is there something we find comforting in elements that come in threes? Now you’re probably going to see this EVERYWHERE now that I have pointed it out; but we find the reason behind this, fascinating!

Looking back, I have naturally abided by the Rule of Three theory in pretty much every aspect of my life and professional projects. Whether it’s goal setting, creative writing and even hobbies; it has always been in threes but only recently, since I have begun my new venture as Social Media Manager that I have realised this and become drawn this concept. The more I read about it the more it makes sense. I do believe that this theory can help others apply this to pretty much any aspect to help improve their personal and professional lives.

From conducting some research combined with personal experience on the subject, here’s why I believe The Rule of Three specifically in communication and writing, can help productivity.


What is this madness?

The Rule of Three derives the Latin term ‘omne trium perfectum’ aka ‘everything that comes in threes is perfect ’. There is some satisfaction or comfort when we read descriptions, slogans and information containing elements of threes which make them more memorable.

You will also see such madness appear in stories and film whether it be a triad of main characters: the saviour, the villain and the mysterious helper or in a story such as Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks & the Three Bears. When you look back even to childhood, the most memorable aspects will likely contain this philosophy - could it even occur in the structure of the music we listen to?

One could also say that the comfort found relates to what we have all grown up with in basic creative writing and literature; that there is always a beginning, a middle and an end. Has this concept been embedded in us in our adult lives too?


How can it help Productivity?

There are so many ways this theme can help us in our professional lives as well as our personal ones but I am going to use three examples (while we’re on the subject of ‘threes’) of how you can adapt this rule to increase productivity.

a) Who Doesn’t Love a Theme or Three?

When managing my client’s Social Media, I set out tailored ‘themes’ related to their business as a form of Content Planning. I do this because Instagram works in threes; so depending on how much content a client and I can produce or have agreed, we’ll work in either 3, 6, 9 or 12 themes. It is also because Instagram’s grid works in threes so this will also create a visually appealing grid when people are scrolling through.

b) Ready...Set...Goal!

It is easy to overwhelm ourselves when it comes to setting personal and professional goals and we’ll tend to set or start with an unrealistic time frame to achieve these. So, why not have three short-term goals to achieve within 3 months? Or, medium sized goals to achieve within 6 months, and long-term goals in 9 months and so on. The pressure will instantly lift and your goals feel realistic.

c) The Big C: Communication

Use three categories when it comes to communicating your business or service and adopt the three questions: Who are you? What do you do? How do you do it? Maybe you are in the midst of putting packages, offers, plans together for your line of work - so choose three main options to highlight within your business, for example: Silver > Gold > Platinum to help your clients understand and remember these options.


Does this rule help with anything else?

I mean you can adapt this to so many other areas as simple as introducing yourself in a Networking environment when people ask you, ‘what do you do?’ You can describe these three sections such as, ‘I help with their Social Media, Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy.


Give this madness a go wherever and whenever the opportunity strikes. Let me know if this works for you (I could blab forever so going to stop right here). Thanks for reading and have yourselves a great day!

Yasmin @ Aloha Social Marketing

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