• Yasmin @ Aloha Social

User Generated Content Marketing

Authentic and honest marketing is here to stay, and this movement includes the rise in User Generated Content (UGC) by brands, businesses, food & beverage industries all looking for the best way to showcase what they do, how they do it and their clients can enjoy their products or services.


UGC in a coconut-shell

User Generated Content is when content is created by consumers using or experiencing that product or service and sharing it through their Social Media accounts.

UGC can be photos, videos or reviews specifically about your business or brand that is usually positive (we hope!).

With authenticity on the rise, UGC is the best form of marketing in 2020. Not only do consumers prefer referrals as a way of being introduced to a new business or brand, but it also generates authentic content which is a rising theme in Social Media after coming out of a more aesthetically orientated era of content strategy in 2019. Did you know that referred customers are 4 times more likely to refer more customers to your brand? Proof is in the Digital pudding!


How can you use & encourage UGC

If you have been tagged in a post or story, feel free to 'add to your story' or repost to your Instagram feed using a repost app such as 'Repost' - don't forget to tag the lovely person who originally posted that content! It's good Social Media etiquette plus if they are a fan, they'll simply love the mention! Who doesn't?

If you would like a copy of the image to share onto another Social Media platform such as Facebook, send them a message and kindly ask them for a copy and if it's OK to share it to Facebook - that way you won't get in any copyright trouble and again, it's Social Media etiquette to ask.

It's great Social Media marketing for a business or brand to adopt a 'unique hashtag', for example I use #planetaloha🌊 so you could add this to your Social Media bio and include it regularly in your posts for users to use it in their UGC too - some very juicy ideas coming through here!

UGC & Competitions

This is for a whole other blog, but food for thought - why not generate a ton of UGC with an Instagram and Facebook competition? You could ask for your consumers to post and tag your business/brand a photo of them enjoying your product/service or at your establishment in exchange for a freebie unique to your business?


Examples of UGC

Remember: be authentic, be engaging and be awesome! Yasmin @ Aloha