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Welcome to Aloha Social - Chapter 2

There's a new Aloha in this coastal town and I couldn't be more thrilled to introduce it and the story behind the renaming from Aloha Social Marketing to Aloha Social.

It's been just over a year since I dove into the world of freelance as a social media marketer for fellow business owners looking to expand their horizons and reach new audiences through the power that is social media.

I had recently asked myself: "where is my business going?" As if I am in a relationship with my own business (I think we all are right?), I had to visit the idea of whether I was to go down the agency route or remain a solo business owner while finding alternative ways to expand. I have decided to remain (for now) a solo business owner in the realms of freelancing - instead of hiring internally, I will continue outsourcing for my own business needs of which I call 'expanding sideways' and feeding back into the solo business / freelance ecosystem of which Aloha Social was born.

How I got to the rebrand and the renaming part of my business which was Aloha Social Marketing, now Aloha Social, was the realisation that I was now firmly in Chapter 2 of my business journey, and so with every new chapter there is a change. But where I could make those changes wasn't so obvious until I had a numerology reading for my business by my regular go-to Helen at Angel Wings Holistics, who is absolutely amazing by the way and so worth booking a session with if this is your thing (totes understand if it isn't).

The reading clarified something: I wasn't just offering marketing services, I was offering a sense of direction for business owners by helping to link both their business and their marketing through a holistic approach aka understanding people, and the way people wish to be communicated to. Like putting my empath hat on to think, 'what would my clients audience want and need?' - which is normal and perhaps you're thinking 'well, duh', but I use a set of human-tools to do the best I can to get as close to that answer as possible.

In a coconut-shell, the reading suggested that the word 'marketing' within my original business name was restricting my limitations and where my business was headed. Aloha Social not only portrayed a much more expansive vision and room for opportunity in terms of my services, but it felt like it represented community - something very close to my heart and core ethos of mine. Creating, building and nurturing a community for any business owner is something I hone in on so putting these two factors together, felt like a natural coupling.

After the idea of a name change was set to come into fruition, I had organised a rebrand of my logos from the amazing Patrick at SeaSalt Creative and a professional (yet very 'Aloha') content shoot with brand photographer Katie. Take a look at the new logos below!

I hope you love the all new Aloha Social as much as I do, and that it invites you in like a crystal blue ocean on a white sandy beach. You can set sail with me and start your exploration or expedition to enhancing your online awareness - whether it is through my 1:1 coaching or through full-on social media management, I am here to support you and help you connect with your audience.

Don't hesitate to book a free no-obligation Discovery Call with me to see how we can work together and let's surf the virtual waves of social marketing!

Happy posting,

Yasmin @ Aloha Social

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