• Yasmin @ Aloha Social

Why Invest In A Freelance Social Media Manager or Social Media Agency?

In a world where we can no longer bury our heads in the sand about having a business marketing strategy and standing out among the virtual crowds, social media is the wave we have to ride to reach the rocky shores of brand & business awareness. As a business owner this can feel overwhelming, am I right? Managing your social media accounts is a job in itself, particularly since the uprise of social media as a core marketing strategy since 2019.

“Social media is a necessity, not a luxury

- Yasmin, Founder & Marketing Specialist @ Aloha Social

In order to drive your business socials forward and relieve the overwhelm of trying to wear all the sun hats all the time, investing in a freelance social media manager or social media agency has become a necessary time & energy saver. Social media managers (SMMs) help you organise, strategise and analyse your social marketing, and surf the ever-changing tides of patterns, trends and techniques in the industry.

The best part? There’s a SMM or agency to suit everyone!

Do you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios 👇

Choppy Seas

You’ve established a following on your business socials, but you’re too overwhelmed with juggling all your other business needs - you’re too busy to properly keep on top of your socials! You don’t want or haven’t got the budget for hire of an in-house social media manager!

Stuck On Shallow Ground

You’ve been using social media for a while but you’ve hit a mental and virtual block, and no longer know how to drive your socials forward. You’ve lost your way and need some direction, as you either never had or have fallen out of a consistent strategy and content plan. You don’t have the budget to hire an in-house social media manager!

Making Ripples

You’ve just started an exciting new business venture and you know social media will be the source of your brand or business awareness, and a core part of your marketing strategy. You don’t have a budget for an in-house social media manager but could do with some flexible help.

If any of the above sound familiar, it’s time to look into some freelance or agency social media management! Their expertise will give you back your time, energy and passion for the aspects of your business you actually enjoy.

It can be pretty darn overwhelming knowing where to start in looking for a social media manager - there are a LOT of us! I’ve put together my 5 top tips to help you choose the right one to bring your business socials out of the shadow of the palm tree and into the sun!

1 ~ What are your social media goals?

I know, I know, this sounds like something that you’re supposed to know but have never really thought about - now’s your chance! Before approaching a SMM or agency, identify what you want from your business socials; are you looking to grow your follower number, increase engagement, make sales…? Knowing this means you can communicate it to your potential SMM to help them understand what your strategy will be.

2 ~ No two seashells are the same…

...and neither are social media managers! They all come with different expertise; some are great at producing creative content, some excel at caption writing, some thrive on the strategic side and others are a combination. Knowing what you want from your business socials will help align you with the perfect SMM.

3 ~ It’s personal!

Always book a discovery call with your potential SMM. It’s important to see if there is rapport and understanding between you, as social media management can be very personal particularly when working directly with solo businesses! Make sure you get on as you’ll be communicating closely, and they need to understand YOU!

4 ~ The price of fish

Work out what your budget is before you approach someone. The average hourly rate for a SMM is anywhere between £25-£50 per hour, so it’s an idea to do some research on this before you meet. It avoids any awkwardness and you both know you’re on the same page from the off!

5 ~ SMM or agency?

My final tip is to work out whether you prefer to work with a freelance social media manager or an agency. This is usually influenced by your business type and its needs, and I would generally suggest that micro & solo businesses (including start ups) choose a freelance SMM, whilst larger scale businesses with teams choose an agency.

Are you ready to go from AGHH!?!? to ‘aaaaahhhhh’ in your business social media?

Dip that first toe in the ocean today by clicking here to view my tailored social media management plans, and let’s start making some waves with strategy, consistency and a fresh perspective. I can’t wait to say Aloha!

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