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Winter Content Themes That Spark Engagement for Travel Businesses

That summer glow has faded, the sun isn't shining quite as much, and that last holiday feels like years ago. But as a travel business or creator, winter is the time for you to spark that travel nostalgia and encourage your audience to engage with you and your content.

Finding content that kindles engagement isn't always easy, and you'll mostly spend some time endlessly scrolling through Instagram for inspiration and in doing so, welcoming in "imposter syndrome" which we definitely don't want to happen.

So to save you that forever sailing feeling, I have put together these five scroll-stopping content themes specifically for travel businesses to help get your socials sailing through and flourishing this winter season.

"Take me back to _____" throwback travel posts

There's nothing quite like a throwback post! In this case, a throwback to a travel destination, client holiday, or even your own vacation would be sure to reignite some travel nostalgia, and your audience love seeing throwback content, especially travel ones!

You could start the caption with an engaging first line, something like this:

"Throwback when I found my happy place'.

Share promotions and holiday offer

If you've got any current or upcoming holiday offers or promotions, why not shout about them through story posts and a feed post? If you have regular offers, perhaps a "Travel Tuesday" themed feed post and matching story post highlighting them would be a great direction for you to sail in!

Who doesn't love a travel offer? I know I long for them!

So don't forget to share them with your audiences, otherwise, how will they know?

Recommend destinations for winter sunshine

Put your expert hat on to lead the way to beautiful and perhaps "unpopular but should be popular" travel destinations that are idyllic for winter sun holidays!

Even if people aren't able to book any winter sun holidays this year, it could become part of their travel destinations for the following year for example. There's nothing quite like planning a dream trip in advance to keep you motivated, and that's exactly what you can suggest to your audience.

Reels and photo posts would be the perfect content form for this type of recommendation post, and if you have time, why not go a step further and bag in that guaranteed engagement with a carousel of "three" or "five" top picks for those seeking sunshine in the winter months?

Places that spark that "Wanderlust" feeling

That word "wanderlust" alone transports us to a place we thought only existed in a paradisial vision in our minds, and audiences can unlock that longing for it when you share content to spark that wanderlust feeling.

Short and sweet or "tag someone who would love to travel here" style captions would work perfectly with this content theme. Vision wise, think of those crystal clear blues that can only be found in places like The Seychelles, The Maldives, Barbados, and Sardinia for example. Share photos and videos that include those beautiful blue colours in your content that makes the you want to jump on a flight pronto!

Don't forget to add those important hashtags that relate to this post:

"Embrace the winter" beautiful winter destinations

While some may be craving the winter sun, others may be looking to embrace the winter and find destinations that do just that, and this is an important theme to connect your audience with through your content - we can't be wanderlusting all day everyday, otherwise we would never go out....or maybe we can?

Regardless, you'll want to share what's happening on your doorstep in your own community, and amazing places to go that give you those winter cosy feels during the winter months.

Sharing city breaks ideas, "what's on in ____", and amazing places to visit during the winter content will definitely not alienate your audience and cover, hopefully, all of your audience travel desirest that are all positive, and that enhance your engagement.


There are so many "destinations" you can take your content with these themes, all you have to do to create the content is to pop that summer playlist on and pretend it's summer all over again!

I hope this has helped, Islanders, and that has "unfrozen" some of your content creativity if you were feeling a little unmotivated or lost in where to take your content during these winter months.

Happy posting! I can't wait to see you sailing through your content this winter.

Yasmin 🌺


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