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Working From Home Tips

It has been an incredibly roller-coaster-ing decade so far and I hope this blog finds you reading it in good health and those nearest and dearest. I wanted to share my tips for working from home to help your mental being and isolation flow a little smoother. Here are some tips and tricks that have personally helped me stay productive and stay sane (ish):


Make Your Checklist

When your personal and professional life roll into one it is so important to set aside daily tasks as if you were in the office using a project management software or delegating/being delegated tasks in a team meeting. Make a professional task list of things you need to do for the day - and make it realistic; don't be setting that bar too high now. You are super, but you aren't super man or super woman and there are only so many hours in the day.

Extra Tip:

Write out your checklist before you go to sleep for a good night's rest clear of any 'tomorrow' thoughts.


Routine Check

Diarise your routine and working hours at home - it is vital to have your work-from-home day and tasks segmented into units or hours. This way, you create a boundary for not overspilling on projects or tasks (personal and professional) through creating windows of productivity. If scheduling the time you'll get out of bed and dressed helps you do it, go for it - incorporate the little or everyday tasks in there too.

Extra Tip 1:

Conduct your routine checks with your checklist and again, be realistic.

Extra Tip 2:

Set a timer for each task so you don't run over (easy to do when you are focused and so deep in your work or Netflix - I completely get it)


Find a New Hobby

Take up a new hobby that is unrelated to your work where possible; something ideally creative or mind-stimulating. For example, I took up simply jewellery making in the evening to get myself away from a screen and focusing on creating something with my hands. It's cheap, satisfying and I can escape in that little time away from the desk. Why not try something new?


Interact With Someone

Whether you live alone or in a wonderfully chaotic household, make time for valuable conversations and interactions with someone. Engage in no-distraction discussions and ask each other questions. If you are alone, call someone for a chat - don't isolate your voice too. You may quite like being alone and having days without talking to someone but we are naturally sociable creatures that whether we know it or not, need to converse from time to time. There are plenty of helplines to keep you company if you are finding yourself at a loss - you can find these at the end of this blog.


Body & Mind

Look after your mind as well as your body using breath work, meditation apps such as Headspace which has free access plus seek out a local Mind and Body coach who may be conducting free Q&A's or live sessions on Facebook or Instagram. Put 20-30 mins aside each day for some mindful relaxation. A strong mind is a strong business.


I hope you have found at least one of the above helpful - feel free to share with someone who may find this helpful too.

Yasmin @ Aloha

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