• Yasmin @ Aloha Social

Your Guide to Omni-channel Marketing

Have you ever found yourself using or recommending a particular brand because they seem to be popping up everywhere? More than likely, right? Well, that’ll be down to the business or brand’s effective omni-channel content marketing strategy, and here’s how you too can utilise its powers…

What in the 7-seas is omnipresent content marketing?!

Omnipresent or omni-channel marketing involves making your audience the captain of your brand ship and creating content that can reach them across all parts of the digital seas. Omnipresent is the concept of ‘being everywhere’, and omni-channel marketing is about being a business or brand that is active and engaged at all times across multiple channels. In other words, whenever and wherever your audience anchors, you should be there to greet them!

I call this the 'Digital Marketing Solar System' where we want our audience to be taken on a 360-journey around our business or brand…and yes, we have now gone from anchoring to flying into solar space - stay with me 😅

Here's an infographic to help visualise this Digital Marketing Solar System 👇

This brings us nicely onto this question: how do you implement omni-channel marketing? I’ll elaborate more on the concept and the key behind omni-channel marketing, but in a coconut shell it means by publishing a variety of relevant and engaging content on different platforms, such as social media posts, blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos, you can amplify your message and stay on the minds of your target audience, while they also stay on top of you.

But it is important not to flood them with endless forms of content; be strategic and use data to find out which platforms your audience use, when they are on that platform most, and what types of content they respond to the most.

I suggest that you continually analyse your content performance, particularly in the early stages of of content marketing to get to know all of the above.

This begs the question, can you really be everywhere all the time? Let's learn more about the role omni-channel marketing plays…

The Concept: How To Make Waves with omni-channel Marketing

We’re all swimming through seas of content and being constantly bombarded with marketing messages, and in these days of information overload where anything is available at a click of a button, it’s crucial for brands to stand out and connect with audiences on their terms.

If you publish engaging content on more (relevant) platforms, you’ll become more memorable and the trusted authority, not to mention generate more leads and sales. Win win win! Think of yourself as being or becoming a Thought Leader in your industry informing your community of industry news, updates and taking the lead.

Here’s how you can make waves with omni-channel marketing:

1. Social Media Platforms

Decide which platforms are most relevant - remember quality vs quantity and use my R.E.E.F strategy to help you decide which platforms are best to market your business on.

2. Content Marketing

Have a crystal clear vision of how you want your marketing to appear visually, what your goals are from the content you publish and who you are marketing to.

3. Repurpose Content for Different Platforms

We’re all about sustainability at Aloha and what better way to produce content speedily for a range of channels than using what you already have! Why not use that super popular and helpful blog you wrote a while back as a script for a video? Then you could split the video into separate social posts!

4. Optimise Your Content to Increase Visibility

The pearl of omnipresent content marketing is being visible, particularly in Google search results, and effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) works as a beacon to guide your audience towards your content. Use keywords and phrases to address their queries and interests.

5. Social Media Strategy

Have a solid social media strategy that is realistic one that you are able sustain as your business expands. This strategy in a coconut-shell should include:

  • Your target audience

  • Your social media brand kit

  • How many posts you will publish weekly

  • Your content pillars

  • Hashtags or hashtag sets

6. Get Your Business Out Into Open Waters

Boost your brand visibility and credibility by engaging with your audience each day through taking part in ‘Lives’, commenting on content in your industry and writing guest blogs. Sound that horn and let everyone know you’re about!

With the above in mind, it is key to consider where you would like your audience to sail to traffic wise from each post you publish. For example, do you want them to click through to your blog, the link in your bio, contact button? Don’t let your audience get swept away by your competitors’ omni-channel marketing, if you don’t steer the ship, they will steer theirs right into the path of your audience.


The Key: Summarising Your Omni-Channel Voyage

Now you have embarked on a journey through omni-channel marketing, let’s reflect on the ripples we have just created:

👉 Visualise your business like a solar system: the centre is you/the business or brand & around it circulating are your audience / marketing channels

👉 Subconsciously prompt and be in the minds of your target audience through use of content, branding and omni-channel marketing

👉 Think sustainable with your omni-channel marketing by having a sustainable social media strategy that you can maintain - and stick to it, trust the process!

The ultimate key 👉Your audience may not need your services or products right away, but you never know when they will. You'll then be in their minds for that time comes

I hope this has been a rippling introduction to the concept of omnipresent and omni-channel marketing. Would you like 1:1 support to accomplish your omni-channel marketing? Explore my coaching plans and enquire to enrol here!