"The social media world is evolving all the time, and with that evolution comes the growing pressures of keeping up with and implementing a strategy to drive that all important online awareness. My aim is to offer support to businesses of all scales to reduce the overwhelm while injecting some fun back into their marketing for consistent business growth."

~ Yasmin, Social Media Manager, Strategist & Coach @ Aloha Social

Aloha Islander, thank you for stopping by Aloha Social...

Aloha, I'm Yasmin, Social Media Strategist & Coach here at Aloha Social. Throughout the years, I have earned a reputation for being a reliable and innovative social media manager, strategist and coach by helping clients to enjoy and flourish through their social marketing.


Originally from Bournemouth, Dorset, I ventured up to London 8 years ago to carry out a career in music business, live music and developing new artists through marketing campaigns. During this voyage, I was lucky to gain plenty of professional experience that has led me and my sandy feet back to the coast in 2019, to nurture and help businesses with their social marketing.

I want my clients to feel that they have someone who is passionate about their success and that their social media is being managed or coached by someone who really cares. My client's goals become my goals and are always a priority. Clients of Aloha Social experience transparency and an eagerness for them to thrive - I wouldn't' have it any other way!


Ultimately, my aim is to help business owners fall back in love with and reduce the overwhelms of social media marketing with a sustainable strategy, growth, as well as an active and engaging community of followers.


May we flourish together!

"Can't is the real C word"

- Marty Huggins, The Campaign (Jay Roach, 2020)

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Why Social Marketing?

I won't lie to you, social media isn't something I thought I would or could ever do for a living, but because I was managing social media profiles in my previous roles, I grew up with Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn in particular - I was able to identify how it works and how to leverage it for business owners.


So, when I was looking to live a healthier more flexible lifestyle back in Dorset, someone suggested "why not do social media for a living"...and hey presto! My mind was running with the concept and Aloha Social was born a few months later.


Since 2019, I have been helping startups, small to medium-sized businesses to build and sustain their social marketing - and I love every second of working with such innovative and driven clients!

My Passions

As you may have already guessed, I am passionate about the ocean, wildlife and building a sustainable future. I believe sustainability isn't just about saving the planet either, I believe it is a mindset and even has a part to play when it comes to social media strategy. That's why in 2020 I became a beach cleaner for the Marine Conservation Society helping to keep our coasts squeaky clean, and our minds too!

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"Protect the natural systems as if your life depends on it because it does! Our lives do depend on making peace with nature"

~ Dr Sylvia Earle, Mission Blue


Conservation Work

Aloha is proud to be both a beach clean organiser with the Marine Conservation Society, UK helping to keep our beaches free from excess litter and a monthly GlobalGiver to Daktari Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage, South Africa, where I volunteered in 2017. Their mission, volunteer programme and the work that they do for both local wildlife and local schools is incredible. I highly recommend volunteering here if that's what you're into and you can find out more about both projects that I have been involved with via the buttons below.

Helping to build a sustainable future for all life on Earth.

What now?

I offer bespoke Social Media Management and Coaching. Whether you are a solo, micro or small business owner, there's something for everyone at every stage here at Aloha. I offer a free Discovery call to help you find the right solution for you and start standing out from the noisy virtual crowd.