Social Media Coaching & Strategy Sessions

Wouldn't it be great to have someone to coach you through your social media marketing to make sure that you are on brand and expanding your online presence? Well, that's exactly what my coaching and strategy sessions are for!




About Social Media Coaching

Social media coaching helps people get more out of their social media channels. As a social media coach, I specialise in working with clients who want to maximise their online presence and gain visibility online. I can help you create a brand, build a community, grow an audience, and engage with your audience all through flexible coaching! I love to inject fun and creativity into social marketing while helping to reduce the overwhelm; plus, each session is totally bespoke to you and your goals. 

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Power Sessions

Auditing, feedback suggestions & consultation.

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Strategy Sessions

Creating a foolproof social media strategy for you to set sail!

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Content brainstorms with your pocket social media manager.

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Power Session

Cost: £295, 1.5 hour 1:2:1 + offline platform audit

Regularity: Quarterly, every 6 months or yearly

This is a powerful service designed to realign your social media strategy and get you get back on track with a clear content plan. I will run an audit of your chosen profiles, and produce a report with suggestions & feedback to improve your social marketing for us to journey through in our 1 hour 1:2:1.


In this hourly session, we will also create a foolproof social media strategy that coordinated with your business vision, mission and goals.


You won't sail alone after our session either, you'll receive four x weeks of follow-up email check-ins and feedback to guide you even further on your journey - perfect if you're looking to kickstart or restart your social marketing.


Social Media Strategy

Cost: £150, 1.5 hour

Regularity: Quarterly or when there are changes within your business that impact your social marketing

A strategy is like the framework to your social media and it's imperative to your overall business. Together in these 1:2:1 strategy sessions we create or recreate all the ingredients of a strategy cocktail. From content reviews, hashtag sets to content themes and essential tools, we will put together a strategy that aligns with your business mission, vision and goals while honing in on any problem areas that I can help you overcome. 

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Content Planning & Brainstorming

Cost: £60 for 1 hour or £80 for 1.5 hour

RegularityWeekly, Bi-weekly or monthly

Content ideas can run dry and it can be frustrating when you're drowning in a sea of, or running dry of inspiration, so I'm here as your pocket social media manager to brainstorm content ideas with you! We can even plan content for the weeks to come, to save you valuable time so that you can focus on your business with on-trend, on-brand suggestions & support from your fellow skipper, me!


"Yasmin is a game-changer for social media; she really knows what she's talking about, and sessions with her are like hanging out with a friend! She helped me create a plan and routine with social media that I could actually stick to, and gave me some amazing tips and tools to make it easier. She's also helped increase my confidence and conviction in my offerings tenfold! Can't speak highly enough of Yasmin if you need social media coaching - such a great investment."

Katherine @ The Wedding Industry PA

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