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Content Subscription For Travel
The So-Shell Tribe Content Subscription

A content subscription service designed for travel pros looking to spark wanderlust

The So-Shell Tribe content subscription service, launching June 2024, is tailor-made for travel agents and leisure pros like you. Designed to elevate your online presence, this offer includes a treasure trove of curated content ideas, shell-rific strategies, and insider tips, all focused on the travel industry. No more content headaches, instead say shello to engaging, effective content marketing that captivates your audience and boosts enquiries! Sign up to book your priority seat. You'll soon discover how easy and rewarding content marketing can be.

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Content Subscription
The So-Shell Tribe Content Subscription

Why Join?

Are you finding that content planning and creation is soaking up all your time? Not too sure what to post about or overwhelmed with ideas? Perhaps you've hit a content block and need some support? The So-Shell Tribe is a monthly oasis of content creation specifically designed for travel and leisure pros. When you join, you'll embark on a journey of unlocking a treasure trove of monthly content ideas, expert tips, strategies and more to keep you afloat and flourishing. Plus, you'll gain exclusive access to support from your very own pocket travel marketer (yep, that's me!) through our vibrant community hub.

Why Join
Travel Content Subscription

How many shells does it cost?

Subscribe as a monthly member for just £48 per month, or join for the year at £488 and save £88! Register your interest and get ready to hop on board from May ready for take-off in June.

Travel Content Subscription

What's Included

Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription

A welcome 30-minute 1-2-1 for monthly subs or 60-minute content dive for yearly subs

Monthly challenges to help you stay on track, accountable and making waves

Monthly content ideas with sizzling caption prompts, call to actions and content themes

Hashtag sets with popularity metric

Reels templates & trending audios

Monthly reflective newsletter with tools, tips, trends and need-to-know updates

Monthly masterclass on trending topic

Offline social media support every Friday 10am-12pm via Mighty Networks

Access to user-friendly, community hub for connection and open discussions

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What's Included

Member Benefits

The transformation? Propel your social media forward with purpose-driven content that ignites wanderlust and helps you thrive - all with a pocket travel marketer by your side

Travel Content Subscription
Travel Content Subscription
The So-Shell Tribe Content Subscription

Book your priority seat

Welcome Offer
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Client Tales

"My reach has improved, and people have been messaging to say they love the new look, even people from travel counsellors head office. So this is good!" Jenny, Travel Counsellor

"Yasmin is not only very knowledgable, she has such a wonderful energy about her and I can feel that she is genuinely excited about the work that I do with my business which has given me the little boost that I needed. Georgina, Host Dorset

"Can't speak highly enough of Yasmin if you need social media coaching - such a great investment." Katherine, So Go Collective


What is "The So-Shell Tribe" and how does it work?
The So-Shell Tribe is a content subscription service designed to support independent travel businesses with content planning and creation for their social media platforms. By joining the tribe, you'll have access to content ideas, inspiration and support to help you effectively manage your social media presence, content and flourish!

Who is this service for?
This service is ideal for independent travel businesses, such as travel agents, leisure businesses, tour operators, hotels, and holiday homeowners, who want to drive their social media themselves but need assistance with content planning and creation.

What are the benefits of joining "The So-Shell Tribe"?
Members of the tribe will enjoy benefits such as a supportive community, access to valuable resources and expert guidance, as well as improved social media presence, increased engagement, and streamlined content creation.

How much does the subscription cost?
The subscription costs is £48 per month or £488 per year (saving £88).

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Please note that cancellation policies may vary, so make sure to review the terms and conditions before signing up.

Is there a trial period or a demo available?
As it’s a monthly subscription, you can cancel with one month’s notice if you find the subscription isn’t for you. Please check T’s & C’s in the sign-up process.

How do I get started with "The So-Shell Tribe"?
You're in the right place! You'll be able to sign up as a member from May 2024 ready to start in June. See the information above, follow the links and instructions to sign up in a few simple steps! Once you’ve hopped on board, you'll receive instructions on how to access our platform and start benefiting from this service.

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