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24 Ways To Love Your Social Media


Time to tropic like it's hot 🔥

As a travel marketer who spends much of my time on social media channels and the digital space in general, I see lots of virtual huffing and puffing around the topic of social media marketing.

For many, it's seen as a necessary chore. But my mission is to help business owners not just tolerate their social media but to genuinely love and enjoy it. Despite the 'love-hate' relationship many have with social media, my adventures as a social media manager have taught me one truth: if you pour love into your socials, they'll surely love you back (no tall tales here).

To help you on your quest, I am sharing my twenty-four insider ways to help you adore your socials and make a splash with your marketing 🌺

Dive in below ⤵

  1. Comment and like 30 posts that capture your heart.

  2. Share what you adore about what you do.

  3. Connect with new souls by following and engaging with 5 accounts in your niche.

  4. Respond with gratitude to all your DMs and comments.

  5. Step away from the screen and bask in some offline bliss.

  6. Broadcast positivity with a message or quote that strikes a chord.

  7. Experiment with new content formats like Reels, Stories, or Carousel posts.

  8. Shell-ebrate positivity by posting a glowing review or testimonial.

  9. Spread the love with an appreciation post for your spe-shell someones - customers, clients, team, and followers.

  10. Join forces with someone or a brand that complements your vibe through a livestream or even a new service.

  11. Allow people to peek behind the curtain by sharing three behind-the-scenes Stories.

  12. Narrate your passion tale - how did you find your calling?

  13. Shell-ebrate your triumphs and share them with your crew. What victories have you claimed lately?

  14. Share a 'how-to' guide on what you do or offer.

  15. Set three social media goals with deadlines to anchor your aspirations.

  16. Pause before you plunge into your socials and scroll with purpose.

  17. Envision your dreams taking shape through your marketing. Think about what you want to achieve when you're scrolling.

  18. Set a timer for your social media dives to avoid the whirlpool of doomscrolling.

  19. Cast away negativity by hiding or unfollowing draining accounts.

  20. Think about three things you cherish about your social media.

  21. Carve out one to two hours to plan your social media posts for the week.

  22. Schedule a mini-break from your so-shells to rejuvenate and come back with new energy.

  23. Create a monthly round-up post to showcase your business highlights.

  24. Use Pinterest to gather content inspiratoin without the imposter syndrome.

That's my twenty-four ways to show your social media more love and have a more positive experience on social media. The more we enjoy our socials, the more we'll want to be on there, and you have the power to shape your own social media experience - that's right, not those pesky algorithms, it's all you!

Let's raise a toast to more positive times on social media, to YOU, your connections, and to your business flourishing.🍹


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