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Scroll Stopping Content Ideas for Travel and Tourism Businesses

As the summer season sweeps us off our feet and we dream of white sandy beaches and calm crystal oceans, it's time for the travel industry to ramp up the summer vibes and double down on content.

To help with content flow, I have come up with 5 content ideas perfect for travel and tourism businesses that have an incredible amount of value for your audience because it's not just about content, it's how we utilise the power of content for desired results.

Grab your snorkel gear and get ready to explore these five shell-rific content ideas that will stop your audience in their scroll!

Share a customer travel story experience or review

Customer reviews and experiences are gold for travel companies. Why? Because they help future customers and fellow travel enthusiasts to understand what their experience was like, and what that could look like for them too. If you have customers willing (with their permission) to share photos, videos, and of course, their review of the experience, then this will be perfect for user-generated content (UGC) aka content gold!

I would suggest getting creative with presenting customer reviews and experiences as opposed to just quotes and texts. Here are some examples of content that would be great for sharing these:

  1. A photo collage as a Reel with trending audio

  2. With your customer's permission, reshare a post that they have published on Instagram & Facebook

  3. A simple stock video and text with their review and enchanting audio

  4. A carousel taking your audience on a tour through your customer's journey & experience

  5. A captivating travel photo from your customer with the review in the caption

Don't forget to check if your customer is happy for you to share and use any content of theirs; and be sure to tag them in the post for good social media etiquette.

Share sustainable travel tips

Tips are a valuable exchange: for the reader, they learn something new from stopping and reading your post, and for the business, you grab the user's attention which tells the algorithm that your post is interesting for users = more visibility, better ranking and hopefully reaching a wider audience.

You could provide travel tips such as:

How to's e.g. 'How To Travel Sustainably'

Best places to visit in {town, city or country}

What to do and what not to dos when travelling

Create a travel checklist

Similarly to travel tips, checklists are the perfect content forms that encourage users to save and even share your posts; this equals extra points on social media platforms and is something you certainly should hop on board with and make part of your strategy. Essentially, they are "saveable" and "shareable" content!

Some checklist ideas could be:

A packing checklist

A travel essentials list

A pre-flight checklist

Run a giveaway

Oh yes, users love a giveaway, and they massively help to gain new followers as well as put you on the map with new, engaged audiences! The key is to run a giveaway that doesn't require much work from users but encourages them to follow you. You could even collaborate with another business and run a giveaway together to dive a little deeper and expand your audience reach! The giveaway doesn't have to be a huge prize either, it can be simple yet valuable for the user such as an experience, a goody bag or a night's stay somewhere. There's no right or wrong, you call the shots, how turtle-y awesome is that?

Here is a great example of how this eco-friendly online supermarket, And Keep, runs its giveaways for some inspiration:

Post a Reel as a montage of some top travel destinations

This is such a visually engaging way to capture your audience's attention. When creating a montage Reel of recommended destinations, keep the captions brief, focus on compiling high-quality imagery and video clips, and use enchanting audio.

You can use original content to create a Reel, or when searching on Google, ensure you find copyright-free images and video. Canva is a great source for royalty-free assets such as this.

Want to see how awesome a montage Reel can look? Check it out


In a coconut shell

Pop these ideas into your content plan and your social media will be sizzling! Remember to include your brand hashtags in the caption and any relevant travel hashtags to maximise your reach and make sure your fabulous content lands on as many virtual shores as possible.

These are all content ideas that you can have fun with and produce in a variety of formats such as carousels, Reels, graphics, engaging imagery and videos, perfect for repurposing!

So dive right in and let me know how you get on.

If you're looking for some extra guidance, why not book a Discovery call with me, your pocket social media strategist, to help you align your social media marketing and get sailing?


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