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Destination Debrief: Bali

Bali Blog

Written by @lovefromleona 

With so many people choosing Bali as their holiday of a lifetime and you super talented travel planners offering packages to the beautiful island, I wanted to share with you first-hand my experiences in the hope they can inform your socials and services. So let's get started!

Bali & Nusa

Places Visited


Canggu is a digital nomad hot spot! I’ve worked remotely for 4 years now and I love nothing more than a cute cafe or a relaxing poolside. So to have that in a co-working space. Uh, chefs kiss.

The town itself has boomed! People aren’t lying when they say it's busy, but busy gives it everything it needs, suitable for families, young couples, and anyone who loves an upbeat vacation with Instagrammable cafes, gyms and pools.

If you’re looking for peace, tranquillity, and stunning white sandy beaches then Canggu isn’t the one but Bali is a gem! It has something for everyone, so hold that thought.

My top wellness spot recommendation is Nirvana Life Bali, the day retreat has some of the best facilities in the area with yoga classes, crossfit gym, pools, ice plug baths and so much more. The pass was £24 for the day and this included everything except food and drinks.

My top food recommendation is Pasta Bitte, a stunning intimate pasta restaurant with a gorgeous live acoustic band and just all the wholesome vibes you need


Calling all Yogis: If you didn’t know it already, where have you been? Ubud is a yoga hot spot. There are so many beautiful studios and classes happening daily. I found the best way to find a class was to have a wander and see some being advertised then head to socials to get a closer look at what the classes are like.

My top recommendation for a spiritual break is to Visit the Tirta Empul temple for a traditional purification, self-led, or visit a traditional Balinese healer to fully immerse yourself in the spiritual energy of Indonesia.

To see something truly memorable, book a sunrise hike of Mount Batur. The cost of this excursion should be no more than 500,000 IND including transport from Ubud and breakfast. You are led up the mountain with a local Balinese guide who will get you a refreshment from one of the wee huts at the top of the mountain. Definitely look ahead at the weather forecast to make sure you catch the sunrise on a clear day.

My top food recommendation is Baba Bistro for their hanging steak, definitely one to make your fancy night but still with great prices. This corner restaurant has you fully immersed in the vibe of Ubud with some of the most amazing food I have eaten.

Ubud is suitable for almost everyone, it's easy to get around using Grab. Gojek or hire a driver for a few days (300,000 IND is the going rate per day). Must-visit places are Cretya for lunch and a dip in the pool, The Rice Terraces for a shot on the insanely Instagrammable and thrilling swing (don’t worry, they strap you in!).


If beach clubs, surfing and stunning, now I mean STUNNING white sandy beaches are your thing, then Uluwatu is for you. Uluwatu is a large, sparsely populated place so staying between Uluwatu Beach and Padang Beach would be my top tip for cafes, bars and surf shops within walking distance.

For remote working or an excellent brunch, I suggest Suka Espresso. This roadside cafe is perfect for groups and solo travellers, sit with your coffee and watch the world go by! The Poke Bowl is insane, I must have eaten it about 3 times!

Uluwatu has some great beach clubs! Although less beachside and more poolside they host many of the events with Savaya and Ulu Cliff House hosting some of the biggest club nights Bali sees. Some of my most memorable nights in Bali were in these places so if this is your thing then I definitely recommend checking out the lineup for while you’re there!


Now if you’re here for a honeymoon, those boujie dinners and next-level beach clubs then Seminyak has it all. More of the city vibes, it's densely populated but is an adult's playground of great cocktails, boutiques and music! 3 days here was enough during my trip but this place is what you make it! If you’re like me and want to end Bali with a bang then head over to La Favella, in my opinion, the best nightclub in Bali, built in the style of a traditional favela straight from Rio with its own Christ the Redeemer.

Let's move on to those small remote island vibes: Nusa Lembongan to Nusa Penida with a shortstop in Nusa Ceningan on the way.

I have never seen tropical islands like it. Nusa Lembongan is a perfect, super chilled island with white sandy beaches, palm trees and great surf. If you’re new to riding mopeds then this is the perfect place to learn as the roads are super quiet and the transport will be super helpful.

When your boat pulls into Mushroom Beach and isn’t touching the shore, don't be alarmed. Yes, your feet will get wet, but the boat staff are great at getting your bags to the beach safe and dry. If you don’t have pre-arranged transport at this point you will find a local driver offering taxi rides, this should cost no more than 500,000 IND depending on your destination.

Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan are two smaller islands 15 minutes off the coast of Nusa Penida which is the main tourist spot. These two smaller islands are joined together by a long yellow bridge which photographs so well when the sun hits it and the tide is in. These islands aren’t like Bali and are much quieter so be prepared for them feeling a little more remote but absolutely beautiful!

I’d recommend spending the evening at Mahina Point on Nusa Ceningan, it is the perfect palace to watch the sunset, with surfers out in the waves below and a bar/restaurant on the cliff top. You’ll need a moped to get here because as with all three of these islands, there are no Grab/Gojek apps and local taxis are hard to come by in this area.

Now, Nusa Penida! The one everyone comes for! If you’re into making lifelong memories then this is the island for you! Swimming with manta rays, snorkelling with turtles and viewpoints that will take your breath away, and I’m not talking about the hike down to Kelingking Beach.

This island is deceptive and is actually much larger than you think with a car ride from the main village to the viewpoints taking about 1 hour.

The island isn’t full of fancy restaurants and bars like the mainland of Bali so I encourage you to get out and try some of the local warungs and home-cooked food and really get a taste of Indonesian life. You can, by all means, come to Nusa Penida on a day trip (it will be a long day!) but this island isn’t one to miss so I’d recommend 2 nights here.

Recommended Apps

Grab/Gojek for Taxis and food

1,2, Go Asia for ferries

Tiktok to research places and restaurants

Use Google Reviews to check TikTok isn’t lying!

SkyScanner for flight deals if you're making your own travel plans

Love From Leona

Written by @lovefromleona 


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