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Instagram Rebalances The Reach Between Photos and Reels Posts

When you put your heart and soul into a post and you just see it having a dire amount of reach, engagement, and the rest, it can really throw you off making more content.

That's why I'm whale-y thrilled that Mr Mosseri addressed this in a recent "Ask Me Anything" Q&A, and now, there's great news!

Instagram worked on the rebalance between photos or feed posts and Reels meaning that different forms of content should have the same reach now, and therefore more potential to be seen - hoorah, thank you Instagram 🎉

Mosseri admitted that Instagram's algorithm prioritised Reels (what's new) which threw users, and photographers in particular, into a spiral.

It's safe to say that it's worth mixing up the type of content you put out there and seeing what performs best. While this may not stay that way, it'll give you a good indication of what content to create at that particular time.

Phew! I was worried for a second there about the future of non-Reel content on Instagram 😅

Moving forward, it seems that mixing up the type of content you create with a healthy balance of photos and Reels will put your profile in good stead for steady growth and the best potential for audience reach.

This bit of news was like sipping a beautiful mocktail while watching the gentle waves crash onto the sandy shore.

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Yasmin @ Aloha Social


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