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Six Popular Platforms For Travel Businesses

Six popular platforms for travel businesses

There is a whole ocean full of ways to market your travel business, but where do you start with finding the most suitable one for your brand among all the fin-tastic options? I’ve put together a guide to six of the most popular platforms for travel businesses, and some handy tips to know which ones you should be deep-diving into.

First things first, at the risk of sounding like a broken record…you have to know your audience before deciding which platform will be your golden nugget. If you’ve never done this work before, there are some simple steps to narrow this down. Start by defining your target audience and really getting to know their demographic and preferences.

Are you showcasing shell-rific luxury locations or affordable transport options? This will determine the vibe of your marketing. I wrote a whole blog on how Ryanair does this perfectly - take some tips!

Knowing your audience will help you identify the best platforms to speak to them through. Trying to cover too many bases will have you feeling out of your depth, and we’re aiming for a refreshing paddle here, so let's sail through which platforms are proving to be the most popular for travel, leisure, and hospitality businesses!


Facebook: The All-Rounder

Facebook has been around for a while and you and your audience are probably familiar with it, but you may not have intentionally marketed here before. You have a wide audience range and the opportunity to produce longer-form content, and it’s a great platform for linking to and sharing blog posts, customer reviews and destination guides.

Facebook provides easy and intuitive linking options, so it’s easy for your audience to head to a relevant guide or post at the click of a button. Facebook also gives you the chance to leverage groups for amazing community engagement. If you can create an active group of people who are invested in and excited about your content and what the group offers them, you’re onto a winner!

Instagram: Visual Storytelling

Next up on the list of social media giants is the one we all know and love to hate: Instagram. It is still relevant and important to consider whether Instagram is the right platform for your travel business.

If you want to showcase stunning visuals, it’s definitely one of the best options. Its many features available to advertise beautiful destinations and experiences are still popular ways for your audience to consume content.

Use Instagram to share high-quality photos, videos and user-generated content, and engage with your followers through stories and reels. Just as you can create communities via Facebook groups, so too can your Instagram page become a little hub of excitement about your business.

Pinterest: Inspiration Station

Pinterest is the paradise island of marketing platforms for your travel business. It’s a turtle-y perfect way to inspire through visually appealing pins and boards featuring aspirational destinations and activities and a great way to drive traffic to your website.

Engaging travel content on Pinterest generates clicks and conversions - in other words, eyes on your brand!

Linkedin: B2B Opportunities

LinkedIn is a professional platform to utilise for all your travel industry connections. It’s a more formal, informative approach than any of the visually appealing platforms we’ve explored up until this point, and it’s great for sharing industry news, job openings and updates.

This is the perfect platform to position yourself as an expert in your travel niche, showcasing your knowledge and expertise through case studies and thought leadership.

TikTok: Creative Storytelling

TikTok isn’t all catchy dances and quirky characters. It’s actually a real treasure trove when it comes to marketing your travel business too, and now is the perfect time to capitalise on its fast-growing popularity.

Create short-form videos highlighting services, destinations and travel tips and engage with a younger audience through trending hashtags.

Don’t be afraid to sail in TikTok’s fun waters; it might just open up a whole new pool of opportunity and eyes on your brand!

TripAdvisor: Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

TripAdvisor is the review platform everyone knows and loves, and your customers trust it when it comes to gathering impartial, honest opinions about your business and services.

For your travel business, this is one you shouldn’t overlook; claim and optimise your business page, and respond to reviews promptly.

Managing your online reputation is key for the travel and tourism industry, and if you need a little help with this one I have just launched a fin-tastic new service: TripAdvisor Management!


Marketing platforms for your travel business are many and varied, and the most important and helpful thing you can do is select your channels based on your audience and goals.

Implementing a good marketing strategy will help your brand soar to new heights, and you can take advantage of my free consultation sessions for further guidance with this.

If you’re ready to see your socials flourish, my travel marketing services might be just the ticket. Say aloha to easier, more free-flowing marketing for your travel business with me!

Six popular platforms for travel businesses


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