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To Trend Or Not To Trend In 2024

When it comes to navigating trends, it's crucial to remain true to your wanderlust-driven spirit. In this vast ocean of social media, it seems that not many are divulging the untold secrets of this matter, and here's what I think you need to know about marketing using trends in 2024.

Social Media Trends 2024

For those of you navigating the social media seas with a modest but mighty following, let me share some wisdom wrapped up in a coconut shell 🥥. It's essential to stay true to your passions and the meaningful stories that are the essence of your brand. These stories are your lighthouse, guiding your audience through the digital ocean!

The key is to dedicate time to truly listen to the whispers and waves of your audience's desires and expectations. Remember, it's not just about the digital dialogue through likes and comments. Explore other channels too - maybe a quick survey, a casual chat in your DMs, or even feedback from face-to-face interactions like networking events. This holistic approach to understanding your audience will shape your content organically, ensuring it resonates deeply, far beyond the fleeting ripples of current trends.

The tides of trends are ever-changing, and while it's tempting to ride every wave, it's more important to tune into the undercurrents of your audience's genuine needs and interests. Use their desires to steer your ship.

The results of doing so will allow your content will not only engage but also create lasting connections, turning followers into a loyal crew who value your authenticity over the latest hashtag or filter. So remain true to you and your journey and watch both your social media and your business flourish!

Here's a video I did on the 'gram to summarise 'to trend or not to trend' ⤵

If you're not sure where to begin, say aloha to book your free call and learn about my 1:2:1 content coaching to help you brainstorm and create a content strategy that works for you.


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