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Winter Content Ideas for Travel Businesses

Winter Content Ideas for Travel Businesses

As the leaves melt into rusty shades and the fireplace crackles to life, a new season of opportunity presents itself for travel businesses and creators to showcase their services and engage with potential customers. This is not the time of year to hibernate in a coconut shell, it’s your chance to connect with your audience and inspire them for 2024!

I’m going to help guide your strategy and give you a fresh perspectie for some winter content ideas for travel businesses, from virtual experiences to cosy retreats. Join me as we sail through these social media content options to keep travellers engaged during the colder months. Here are some topics to spark some content wanderlust ⤵️

Winter Destinations

When the last glimpses of summer have finally faded, your audience will be starting to look ahead (even if only subconsciously) to their next travel adventure.

It’s the time of year when everyone’s itchy feet kick into gear, and they’re going to be looking to you for some unique ideas about where they could go next. Consider those who are seeking winter sun and travellers looking to really embrace the winter.

To make this plain sailing, I’ve added some potential destinations you could cover in your winter content marketing…feel free to pocket these just like the prettiest shells on the beach!

🇺🇸 USA - consider promoting the big hitters for winter like New Year in New York, dog sledging and Northern Lights spotting in Alaska or skiing in Vermont, but don’t forget to mention some of the country’s hidden gems for those who like to get off the beaten path. For example, Salt Lake City has some of the best snow in the world (shell yeah!) and Yellowstone National Park takes on a new life in the winter months.

🇨🇳 Asia - popular for end-of-year travel because of its tropical alternative to western winters, you can inspire your audience with the vibrant rice terraces of Bali, the chalk-white beaches of the Philippines and the marine life enjoyed by divers in Thailand. Aside from the well-known backpacker and digital nomad destinations, Asia has a wealth of beautiful spots to discover…let your audience in on the secret!

🇪🇺 Europe - keeping it closer to home can also be a great source of inspiration, marketing to those looking to embrace the festive spirit of mainland Europe and get in on the Christmas market scene.

Other ideas include Australasia, the Caribbean, the UK, Ireland and even the Middle East. Wherever you choose to transport your audience, the most important thing is to inspire them and give them a little virtual escape.

This can link beautifully to your travel services and help build your audience! Just be mindful of and sensitive to the current political unrest in the world, and choose your content accordingly.

Travel Inspiration

Next up on our shell-rific list of winter content ideas for travel businesses are some ideas for getting your audience excited about travel. Depending on your niche and services, you can choose from…

  • Bucket list destinations for 2024

  • Unmissable winter landscapes

  • How to create cosy memories

  • Hidden gems for autumn & winter

  • Cosy retreats

  • Short city breaks

  • Adventure and touring trips

  • Winter destinations that bring the festive magic

  • Christmas hotspots (winter sun!)

  • Virtual travel experiences

Remember to take a deep-dive into what you’re trying to promote or sell this winter and what your audience responds well to, and select topics that work well with your content strategy.

Travel News & Tips

You have a real opportunity to be seen as an expert in your niche and a source of authority, so helping your audience out by providing travel news and tips can be a great way to help build trust and following.

Consider producing content about airport and airline news that may be related to their travels, tips for travelling stress-free over the Christmas period, and any offers that may work for them.

Look ahead to 2024 and keep them in the loop about what travel can look like for them next year; your audience will be grateful for your support, with one less thing to think about when all they really want to do is get excited about their next trip!


Feel free to roll in on the tide with these winter content ideas for travel businesses, and if you need some support bringing it all together in a high-flying strategy, contact me to get started and explore an array of social media marketing services for travel businesses!


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