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10 Tips For A Social Media Spring Clean

Social Media Spring Clean

The season of new beginnings, growth and Spring Cleans has arrived, and while you’re working your way through sprucing up your spaces you shouldn’t forget about your little digital island.

Taking some time now to clear, declutter and reassess your social media spaces will help free up some precious brain space, allowing for fresh idea generation and a productivity boost. Plant the seed now, to encourage your very own coconut tree to sprout in the coming months with these 10 tips for a social media spring clean - it might just be the freshen up you need for a new wave of inspiration!

Your Social Media Spring Clean

A Bountiful Bio 🌺

Start with the first thing people see when they land on your Instagram page, and spruce up your bio. Craft a new, compelling intro that tells your audience who you are, what you do and defines your USP - for example, ‘luxury travel expert’. Don’t forget to use relevant keywords here to help you make a splash with Instagram’s growing use of the ‘search’ function!

Post Planning 📆

Take some time to review important areas of your so-shell media plan, such as your content pillars or themes, your grid aesthetic, quantity of posts and hashtag usage. As part of your social media spring clean you may find you don’t need to post as much or you need to post a little more, whether that’s on your Stories, Threads or main feed. Use the treasure trove that is your Analytics section to inform this, along with how your current posting plan feels for you - a healthy balance between the two is the most sustainable route to smooth sailing.

Get Picky About Platforms

As part of your social media spring clean you should review the platforms you’re using to promote yourself, and get real about whether they’re working for you. Are they generating interest, and more importantly enquiries and sales? Is it time to broaden your horizons and consider other platforms such as Pinterest? Remember that less is sometimes more, and the key is to find the platforms that work for YOU - that means looking at which platforms actually give back and where your audience is most engaged, as well as the ones you enjoy posting on.

For a deep-dive on using Pinterest for your travel business, click here!

Put Your Feet Up 😎

It may be time to save some time and energy by outsourcing some of your travel business marketing. This doesn’t have to be a big, all-in-one step and there are so many different ways you can do this. Consider asking an expert to help you plan your social media content or even create the content for you, or hand over the management of your TripAdvisor account to a pro. Even the smallest and seemingly simplest tasks can flood your time if you’re not careful, so as part of your spring clean you should assess whether you can take a small step to ease this. Take a look at my marketing services for travel businesses to explore your options.

Freshen Up Your Connections 🌻

This is your reminder that it’s turtley fine to review and, ahem, refine your social media connections from time to time. Your social media spring clean is the perfect excuse to unfollow or mute any users that aren’t serving you or your business, or make you feel less than sunny when you see their content. You can unfollow up to 150 accounts per day on Instagram for a fresh feed. Don’t forget you can also remove followers, which may sound counterintuitive but can actually help deepen your engagement rates and create a more engaged audience - sounds whaley good to me!

Mix It Up 🍹

As part of your social media spring clean it might be time to experiment with content formats a little further from the shoreline, such as livestreams, raw videos and carousels. Getting out of your comfort zone can have surprising results, and you never know which current you’ll end up riding to greater social media success.

Stop Idling on Your Ideas 💭

You know those content ideas you keep getting as you’re trying to fall asleep at night, or when you should be thinking about something else? Now’s the time to commit to recording them somewhere and starting a bank of ideas, as and when they surface. That way you’ll always have something to dip into when you’re stuck. You can use something as simple as Asana or Notion, or wherever you already work - there’s no need for yet another programme in your stack!

Timing is Everything ⏰

Have you reviewed your posting strategy lately? If not, it might be time to check in on your platform analytics to see if you’re posting on the best days and at the right times. This can vary between your platforms and throughout the year, so don’t assume it’s the same as it always was!

Research and Get Inspired ✨

The next time you’re scrolling, take this opportunity to scout for profiles you love the look and feel of to help you out with your social media spring clean. You can use these as ‘reference profiles’ as a guide for shaping your own socials, helping to welcome in the next wave of inspiration across your platforms.

A Little Thank You 🌸

Finally, this can be a great time of year to show a little thanks and appreciate your audience. Have you got one follower who always engages with your content? A little community that avidly follow your stories, or a connected mailing list? Why not thank them with a little freebie or thank you gift for their loyalty? You don’t need to reinvent the wheel or spend ages creating something new, a token gesture is always appreciated! After all, your socials are nothing without your followers.


You’re ready for your social media spring clean, and I’m sure it will inspire fronds of new ideas and a season of growth! Remember you can always come and say ‘aloha’ if you’d like some expert support with marketing your travel business.

Social Media Spring Clean


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