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Five Winter Content Ideas for Travel and Hospitality Businesses

I don't know about you, but all this cold weather is making me crave some vitamin sea...

If you're a travel professional not feeling inspired when it comes to your content, think about what your audience may want to hear about in their social media marketing that is powerful, engaging, and relevant to them.

February provides a unique opportunity for these businesses to experiment with content to spark interest and bring in customers. To help you along your voyage, explore these five simple yet effective content ideas perfect for travel and hospitality businesses looking to make waves and stand out on social media.

Take a look

One: Winter Sun Destinations

Your audience may be feeling the winter blues, so whisk them away to some sunny, beautiful destinations that'll have them dreaming of summer in no time by posting about winter sun destinations. Not only will this make them feel that summer breeze, but this type of content is valuable and will encourage them to save this type of post. You'll get some extra engagement points and they'll keep coming back for more travel tips from you!

Two: Off-Peak Travel Destinations

It's not always about on-peak travel, in fact, more and more people are deciding to popular travel destinations during off-peak times simply because it's cheaper and there are fewer crowds...more space for those travel selfies! Share some destinations that you think are ideal for people to travel to and that are still beautiful even in the off-peak season.

Three: Summer Holiday Ideas

It might sound obvious, but summer comes around pretty quick after February, so it's time to put the sails up and remind people that it's time for them to get ahead, plan, and book their summer holidays. You could create a reminder in the form of a fun Reel, meme, or carousel post to get the message in a bottle to their shores.

Four: "Travel Smart" Tips

Travelling smart is the new travelling more, and that means feeding your audience some hot tips on how they can see more of the world even when they are time limited. Here is a great example of how a "travel smart tip" in the form of an annual leave hack can be a valuable win for both you and your audience. Trust me, they'll absolutely love you for tips that help them to travel more...I certainly would!

Five: Bucketlist Hotels and Destinations

When times are tough it makes eager globe trotters (and even the non-globetrotters) the places they would love to travel to most. Feed their imagination with some bucket list hotels and destinations that are travel treasures for those wanting to make every trip count. You could splice this content topic up in many ways such as: "3 Bucketlist Beaches To Visit" and "5 Must-Sea Cities" and create them as Reels/TikToks or carousel posts that hold the engagement just as well as video content.


Your feed really is your oyster and your community is there to nurture. That's why it's your role to remind them that winter doesn’t have to mean a lack of fun in the sun...nothing can stop our minds from "wander-lusting-off" and I hope this article has helped to spark some of your own wanderlust in the form of content planning. ☀

Until next time, Islanders!


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