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Introducing: Instagram Threads

Instagram Threads

There’s one word rippling far and wide across the seven seas at the moment, and that is ‘Threads. Instagram’s exciting new app (yep, I’m flippin’ excited about this one!) is similar to what you’re used to with Twitter, except it’s all connected up to the Instagram account you already have and comes with shell-rific new ways of sharing content.

Here’s what you can expect from Instagram Threads, and what to do with it while it’s shiny and new…

First things first, nobody needs to get their flippers in a twist - if you’ve been on Threads already you’ll see that everybody is just feeling it out, and it already feels like Instagram’s fun, lighthearted sister. It’s essentially a messaging app that aims to streamline communication and facilitate more intimate conversations between users.

How Instagram Threads Works

My initial impression is that it’s going to be much easier to chit-chat with your community on Threads; if you want to stay connected with your people without sifting through a cluttered feed, worrying about your content being seen and spending hours putting posts together…its short format content options might be perfect for you.

Meta is building a lot of hype around Threads at the moment, which is probably why it seems to be ALL anyone is talking about. If you want all its features summarised in a coconut shell, they have put together an announcement that you can check out as a starting point. On its brand new, untouched sandy shores you’ll find a big focus on text and conversation rather than the visuals Instagram itself has long been known for.

Instagram Threads

The good news is it’s fin-tastically easy to get set up - you just log in using your Instagram account, and start posting! You can automatically import all your followed accounts so your community is ready-made and waiting for you. Posts can be up to 500 characters long (you can say a lot in 500 characters!) and can include links, photos and videos up to 5 minutes in length.

Here's how to get access to your Threads account:

How To Access Instagram Threads From Instagram

The image-sharing aesthetic is making waves right now because you can post pictures…wait for it…uncropped. Meta are working on making Threads compatible with other social networks to help shape the future of the internet…and we’re along for the ride.

My first impressions of Threads are turtley good; I love the short, snappy updates that are a complete contrast to the microblog-syle Instagram post that’s becoming popular, and it’s great for keeping followers closely informed and updated on the fly. It also makes an amazing customer service channel; imagine you’re a travel concierge and want to quickly update your followers on some important travel news…no need to format it into a story or feed post, worry about images or faff about with hashtags.

Instagram Threads Memes

Top Tips for Getting Started

This brand new little island is already growing into a bustling hive of activity, but I don’t think it’s the ‘end’ of Instagram or intended to replace it. It’s currently being tested to see if it’s popular, and I think if it sticks around it will make a great addition to Instagram and provide a much-needed outlet for a less curated approach to being visible online.

  • I recommend telling your followers you’ve joined Threads and what they can expect from you over there.

  • The implication here is that your Instagram content should be different from your Threads content; I don’t see it as a place to replicate and repurpose!

  • Write your first status update, keeping it fun and lighthearted and relevant to your industry.

  • Then accept all your follower requests and…dive in!

  • My biggest tip for the moment is not to worry about keywords, hashtags and algorithms…just be yourself, have fun and get stuck into some playful status updates!

Final Thoughts and Takeaways...

With my social media manager hat on, I’m loving the fact that I can manage my clients’ Instagram page with more in-depth posts and then head over to Threads to provide quick, relevant status updates that feel a bit more light and intimate. If you’re feeling like you’re in deep water with the addition of a new marketing platform and want some guidance, just contact me and we’ll build a raft to sail you through it together!


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