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The more time you spend managing your social media presence, the less time you have to work on your business. That means the less time you have to do your art! Social media is a great way to grow your business, but if you don't have the time to manage it, you're not going to get the results you want. That's where Aloha Social sails in with social media marketing services that allow me to manage your socials while you focus on your business. Here's what's included in your flourishing social media management voyage!

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Social Media Strategy

Creating bespoke social media strategies that align with your business mission, vision and goals; including hashtag sets, social media goals and content topics or 'themes'.

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Monthly Reporting

Monthly performance reports will be produced for us to hone in on what's working on your socials and reflect on your socials & content performance for each month.

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Content Creation

Bringing your business or brand to life with on-trend and on-brand content such as Reels, graphics, photos and videos!

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Google My Business

Google My Business is included in my social media management plans as a valuable platform to help generate more website traffic through organic Google marketing.

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Community Engagement

Community is the key to any social media platform which is why I engage with posts from your community across your profiles to keep up activity.

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Daily Inbox and Comment Management

Your comments and DMs will be taken care of if you wish, so that's one less thing for you to worry about!

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Say Aloha to flourishing social media...

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Social Media Management

Bespoke Social Media Management For

Travel & Hospitality

Believe me when I say I know how it feels to juggle your own socials and how it can affect other aspects of your business. So, I am here to make you feel like you're swimming in calm, aqua-coloured seas with more time for your business; and here is how we do it...


That should make your coconuts fall off of your tree!


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