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Why Outsource Your Travel Marketing?

Outsourcing Travel Marketing

As a wanderlust business, you might have been considering outsourcing all or aspects of your travel marketing but you’re not sure whether it’s the right move. You’re rowing in circles wondering whether it’ll be a sink or swim decision, so I’m going to break it down for you and give you some fin-tastic reasons to take the plunge as well as the benefits. Outsourcing is turtley not the right option for everyone, but if you tick one of the following boxes it might just be shell-rific for you!

Outsourcing Your Travel Marketing Due To Time Constraints & Lack of Expertise

I know how you feel - social media marketing is taking up a lot of your time and giving you very little back, and you’re wondering whether to take refuge on the shore and give it up altogether or try a new way to stay afloat. If you’re short on time or seem to be spending a lot of it thinking about and creating content for social media, outsourcing your travel marketing could be the perfect solution. You’ll be able to focus on other important tasks, ones that you’re really good at and enjoy!

As a small travel or leisure business owner, you know a lot about your area of expertise but you can’t be expected to know everything about running a business and marketing it. That’s why travel marketing pros like me exist; we have the experience and knowledge to develop and execute effective social media strategies, and it’s our job to stay up to date with the latest travel and marketing trends, algorithms and techniques. We can help you make a splash with your marketing without the time and energy drain on you.

Consistency is king, and when it comes to the seven seas of socials it’s so important to maintain a consistent presence. This helps build brand awareness and familiarity, which are the first steps towards selling. Outsourcing your travel marketing helps ensure your content is published regularly and engagements with followers are maintained while building and nurturing relationships with your travel community. All this leads to more reach, bigger brand awareness, greater discoverability and awareness…which ultimately means more potential for leads!

How To Choose Who To Outsource Your Travel Marketing To

When it comes to deciding who to bring on board to outsource your travel marketing, there are a lot of options - should you hire a full-time marketing or social media employee or work with an agency? The benefit of hiring a freelance travel marketer like me is that we have a smaller pool of clients, making us more accessible, open and flexible. As a small business yourself, you understand the importance of a personal touch. 

Outsourcing your travel marketing to a freelancer can also be much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time team member, which is key when talking about small businesses with limited budgets.

Travel Marketing Expert

To find out more about how I can help you with your social media marketing, and content strategy or help you drive your social media ship through 1:2:1 coaching, check out my content marketing options for travel businesses. You’ll find options for your so-shell media content, Pinterest, blogs and newsletters.

Take what you need, and if you have more questions feel free to contact me to arrange a chat or simply say aloha!


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