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Why Your Travel Business Needs TripAdvisor Management

TripAdvisor Management

With over 500 monthly visitors, TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel sites in the world. It's used by avid travellers to not only find new hotspots and unique places to stay and things to experience but also to read reviews, make comparisons and find deals.

Over 75% of travellers read TripAdvisor reviews of hotels before booking, and all these things combined make it a crucial component of any travel business’ marketing strategy. This is why you need to be deep-diving into this platform and considering outsourcing its management, to ensure your customers know they’ll have a whale of a time when they visit.

According to a study by Phocuswright, hotels that actively manage their TripAdvisor presence see an average increase in bookings of 10-15%. Many hotels even use their TripAdvisor ratings and reviews as key performance indicators to get a feel for their customer satisfaction and see where they need to improve. In a coconut shell, if you’re not using it for your travel business you are missing out on shell-rific opportunities! Other benefits of this travel-specific platform include:

Visibility: swim out of the murky marketing waters and into the clear blue of TripAdvisor. Having a presence on the site helps your visibility and means you can attract more potential guests. If a customer comes across your hotel or business online but can’t find you on TripAdvisor to look at reviews, they may decide not to book in favour of someone else who is on there!

Reputation: TripAdvisor offers features that allow you to manage your reputation and engage with customers, including responding to reviews. Your reviews are a major factor in helping customers decide where to stay, and this is a great way to build trust with potential guests.

Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other traditional marketing methods, TripAdvisor is a cost effective way to promote your travel business. With the right approach, your profile can help to save on advertising costs. Shell yeah!

Aloha TripAdvisor Management Service 🌺

I am thrilled to share that I offer a TripAdvisor Management service for travel businesses who want to paddle in new waters and make the most of this largely underutilised platform. Let’s spark some wanderlust together with this fin-tastic new service, which includes:

  • Setting up and optimising your TripAdvisor profile, including adding images, descriptions and amenities. 

  • Monitoring and responding to reviews: I’ll do this in a timely manner, with a professional demeanour that sounds like it’s coming directly from your business

  • Providing ongoing management and optimisation of your profile, ensuring it’s always up to date and optimised so you’re easy to find!

  • Analysing and reporting on profile performance so you always know where we’re at. This includes review volume, average rating and response rates; basically, all the indicators that your business is great!

  • Creating and managing promotions and offers to attract more guests, always in collaboration with your strategies and goals

  • Engaging with the wider TripAdvisor community through features like forums and Q&As

Are you ready to turtley level up your travel business marketing and step up your TripAdvisor game? Come and say aloha and let’s have a no-obligation chat about how I can help.

Let's flourish 🌺


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