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The So-Shell Tribe: Your Ultimate Monthly Content Subscription for Travel Pros

travel marketing subscription

Aloha, fellow travel enthusiasts and wanderlust-driven professionals! As the tides turn and a new horizon approaches, I am thrilled to announce an offering that promises to steer your social media presence towards uncharted, flourishing waters. Meet "The So-Shell Tribe," the service you've been seeking in the vast ocean of digital marketing.

"The So-Shell Tribe" is more than just a service; it's a mission. Designed as a social media subscription service, it's your first-class ticket to saving time, sparking wanderlust, finding inspiration, and flourishing online. Imagine not just navigating the social media seas but mastering them, with a reliable crew by your side every step of the way.

Who can join the crew?

Whether you're a travel agent ready to share the world's hidden gems, a tour operator weaving unforgettable journeys, a hotel painting stays in the hues of comfort and luxury, or a holiday home owner offering a home away from home, this tribe is for you. It's tailored for those who dream of steering their social media confidently but crave guidance for content, planning, and inspiration.

When can I join and how much will it cost?

Launching in June 2024, with marketing setting sail in March 2024, "The So-Shell Tribe" offers an affordable lifeline at £48 per month or a treasure trove of savings with a yearly subscription at £528. As we anticipate the launch, we're crafting a waiting list - an opportunity to secure your spot at the helm with 20% off your subscription.

From Instagram stories that captivate to newsletters that inspire, and posts that connect, what we have in store for you is designed to spark interest and help you gain those all-important enquiries. Regular livestreams, access to masterclasses, and an exclusive email segment are just the beginning of what awaits.

What can you expect to achieve when you join "The So-Shell Tribe"?

The symptoms of being lost at sea - lack of budget, time, knowledge, or inspiration - are no match for "The So-Shell Tribe". With affordable rates, a hub of creativity, and a focus on productivity and education, we're not just navigating smooth-sailing social media; we're redefining it.

Subscribers can look forward to:

  • A whalecome freebie

  • Onboarding 1:2:1 Q&A dives

  • Access to a user-friendly platform where you'll find everything in one tropical destination

  • Monthly story and post templates

  • A treasure trove of industry news and updates

  • Trending hashtags

  • Sizzling content ideas, reels templates to keep you flowing every month

  • Monthly masterclasses on trending topics featuring Yasmin and her network of industry pros

  • A community hub for open discussions ensures you're never sailing alone.

How to set sail on and become a tribe member

If you're ready to save valuable time, be endlessly inspired, and build a community that resonates with authenticity and visibility, "The So-Shell Tribe" awaits. Sign up to stay in the loop, and let's make 2024 the year you conquer the social media seas with confidence and flair.

Here's to the journey ahead, to the stories we'll tell, and to the success we'll share. Welcome aboard "The So-Shell Tribe" 🍹

I can't wait for you to hop aboard!

travel marketing subscription


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