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10 Free September Content Ideas For Travel Businesses

Content Ideas for Travel Businesses

Engage your audience with these 10 content ideas for travel businesses

As the summer sun begins to mellow and the days slowly grow shorter, September marks a fin-tastic time and fresh opportunity for travel businesses to connect with their audience.

Travellers are still eager to explore, and your content can inspire their journeys. So to help you on this voyage in creating engaging travel posts and promotions, I've curated a list of ten captivating travel content ideas for September.

In this blog, we'll take a snorkel and explore these travel content ideas that will be sure to provide you with some content inspiration and spark wanderlust for your social media followers - double win!

Flippers on, let's snorkel!

1. Stunning Autumn Destinations

Share captivating visuals and stories about destinations that come alive with the rich colors of autumn. Shell-ebrate the beauty of autumn travel and inspire your audience with breathtaking scenic photos and videos of cities, landscapes, and, of course, nature.

2. "Back to School" Escapes for Adults Learning

I love this one! Why not highlight educational travel experiences designed for adults seeking both relaxation and enrichment? You could showcase workshops, educational or research programs, and hands-on learning adventures that are available in the month of September, such as marine conservation projects.

3. Wellness Retreats

September is the month of renewal. A time to reflect, renew, and recharge after the busy summer. This is a great time to promote wellness-focused travel experiences if this is something you offer. Share destinations and resorts that offer spa retreats, yoga getaways, and opportunities for travellers to rejuvenate their bodies and minds.

4. Honeymoon Travel

Many newlyweds love to take their honeymoon in September. I did in 2022, and it honestly was the perfect time to take it. There were hardly any crowds, and the weather was perfect, which is why it's key to attract couples planning their romantic getaways and their honeymoons. Recommend dreamy honeymoon destinations, offer travel planning advice, and share heartwarming stories of how you've made honeymooners in the past have the moon of a lifetime.

5. Off-Peak Travel Ideas

Hidden gems are always a fantastic content topic. So why not share off-peak travel destinations with fewer crowds and budget-friendly travel opportunities that are perfect for September?

6. Sustainable Travel Tips

Capture and educate your social media followers on responsible travel practices. It's a great month to share tips on eco-friendly accommodations, ethical wildlife encounters, and how travellers can minimise their environmental impact as they plan for the following summer or their next adventure.

7. Beach Escapes

Help your clients by informing them of sun-soaked destinations and coastal getaways that are shell-rific in September. Share beachfront accommodations, water activities, and beachside relaxation that you think your clients and prospective clients would love.

8. Cultural Festivals

There are plenty of cultural festivals and events happening around the world in September. Encourage travellers to immerse themselves in local traditions and festivities by sharing what's happening around the world this month.

9. Nature Adventures

Autumn is such a beautiful month and a time when nature comes out to play after the busy months prior. Showcase outdoor adventures like hiking, camping, and nature-rich getaways that nature enthusiasts might love. Highlight destinations where the natural beauty shines and that would make the ideal cosy break in September.

10. Shoulder Season Travel

The last travel content nugget I have for you is to emphasize the benefits of travelling during the shoulder season. Travel lovers are all about indulging in the moment and enjoying the hotspots of where they're visiting, which is a challenge in the summer months. It's definitely the perfect time to promote travel destinations where travellers can enjoy reduced crowds and get better deals in September - how idyllic? I'm getting wanderlust just writing about all of these content ideas!


There we have it, a colourful reef flourishing with inspiration 🪸

The goal for these travel content ideas is to help you navigate your social media marketing in a way that resonates with your audience, saves you some time wondering what to post about, and ensures that you're effectively engaging your audience while promoting your travel business.

If you would love to outsource your content marketing don't hesitate to say aloha to get started.


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