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How To Create Compelling Travel Content and Boost Engagement

Are you stumped on how to give your content a boost? Perhaps you've found yourself in a content rut and unsure of how you can improve your content marketing. Well, you're in the right sunny spot, because my five rules for creating compelling content have landed!

Content Creation Tips

There's simply so much that goes into creating content these days, and as a business owner, you've got other aspects of your business that require your ultimate brain power. As a travel marketer, I see how creating even the simplest of posts can be like a hoover sucking up all your time and energy. That's why I'm here supporting travel businesses like you to make content planning and creating a breeze so you can tropic like it's hot (because you are 🔥).

My five content rules will help you swim through your content marketing like a pro! Are you ready for them? Dive on in below!

1. High-Quality vs Low-Fi Content

High-quality content matters when you're creating content about your favourite hotels and destinations for example, but when it comes to sharing your client stories or your story, don’t worry too much about it being super shiny content - we can’t have it all, right? So when you're selling it's all about the high-quality photos and videos, but when it's sharing, it's OK to share what we call 'lo-fi' photos or videos aka, low-quality.

2. Provide Value

It's easy to get caught up in trends and not let imposter syndrome take over your train of thought, but it's key to remember that your content should provide value for your target audience. We sometimes cater to what we want to shout about, instead of what your audience needs to hear about. So, keep in mind that your content should be adding value to your community of followers and 'scroller' bys.

3. Review Your Posting Schedule

Balance is key when it comes to your posting schedule. Too little posts won’t boost your visibility or help you be discovered, and too many posts can turn your followers off; often resulting in people unfollowing you or your engagement dipping. With that in mind, here's a pocket guide on how often you should be posting based on your following:

Less than 1K and 1K-5K followers: Aim for 3-4 posts per week

At these stages, you're focusing on growing and nurturing an audience. During this time, it's a good idea to measure which of your content is working best for you; for example images, artwork posts, carousels, livestreams or reels. When you hit the 1K - 5K follower mark I would then focus on engaging your audience through features such as polls, questions, and call-to-actions that encourage engagement.

5K to 10K followers: Aim for 5-7 posts per week

If you have a larger following, this is the time to refine your content in a way that continues to invite engagement including post likes, comments, shares and post saves.

10K+ followers: Aim for 1-2 posts daily

This is a great era for leveraging your presence with more posts, livestreams, reels, and story posts to keep up the momentum and keep your followers engaged. Interactive content will massively help you to broaden your audience too, so collaborations and user-generated content could be your biggest allies at this stage.

Remember though, it's about quality over quantity - post what you can, when you can. Use scheduling tools and in-app schedulers that apps like Instagram have to help you be consistent with when and how often you are posting. Don't forget to measure how well your posts are performing so that you can create more of what works on your socials.

For information on what days and what times you should be posting too, take a look at your follower insights for the best times to post.

4. Social Media Etiquecy

Oh yes, this is a thing! Don't forget your social media etiquette and engage with your active community. By this, I mean replying to post comments, your DMs, and even story reactions. It not only tells the platform that you're responsive, it also shows your audience that you're grateful and appreciate their interaction. Trust me, they'll love your social media manners and it'll fuel them to come back for more content goodness!

5. Offer The Solution

It's important to tailor your content to suit the interest of your audience. Similarly to content rule number two, it's a great idea to explore and note your target audience's pain points so that you can offer the solution in the form of content. Whether that's in a simple carousel posts or embedded in the caption, the solution you offer could be what your audience are looking for as they're scrolliong.


There you have it in a coconut shell! My five content rules for helping you create compelling content that rules ready for you to put into action right away! I hope these pearls of wisdom have helped you on your content voyage.

Happy posting, islanders! If you'd love more content inspiration, sign up to my mailing list for some more tips that'll sail into your inbox. Sign up here 🔗🌺


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